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São Paulo, Brazil

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Apr 5, 2018


São Paulo, Brazil

Winning Team

  • Leandro Bornacki
  • Kamila Camilo
  • Aline Ciolfi
  • Salomão Cunha
  • Marcos Fagundes
  • Gabrielle Jordão
  • Hugo Sá


  • Guilherme Amorim
  • Sandra Regina Boccia
  • Marinalva Cruz
  • Luis Fernando Gonçalves
  • Jayme Queiroz
  • Roberto Sekiya


How can governments and the private sector collaborate to encourage more girls to study STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) subjects and thus increase the number of women working in related fields? Please propose a policy solution that will allow governments to have a constructive role in advancing STEAM education.

Winning Idea

Create a national, multi-platform and comprehensive awareness campaign for girls to promote STEAM, led by female influencers.