Empowering Teachers Through Technology

October 29, 2018

When people think about industries where technology is a make it or break it factor, they often naturally consider fields like space exploration and computer science. Education should be top of mind as technology directly impacts how students learn, and eventually move through the world, in fact 93 percent of teachers are using digital tools to help guide instruction.[i] As technology changes, impacts are felt by those in the education sector. Newer, more powerful digital technology changes how everyone from…

Improving the Ecosystem for Women Entrepreneurs Through Public Policy

October 26, 2018

Under representation of women in business today is a missed opportunity – not just from a moral standpoint but also from an economic one. Statistics show us that women represent the largest market opportunity, controlling $20 trillion in annual spending. Twelve trillion could be added to the global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality and it is a known fact that when women earn an income they reinvest 90 percent of that income back into their families and communities….

Working Together for Water and a Cleaner Lake Taihu

October 25, 2018

Imagine if a toxic microcystis algae bloom left 2.3 million people (about the population of Paris, France) without drinking water for a week. After years of poor sewage systems, fertilizer runoff and wastewater from industrial processes, this is exactly what happened at China’s Lake Taihu in 2007, near some of our suppliers. Incidents like this have far-reaching consequences, especially when you consider that only 0.5 percent of world’s freshwater reserves are accessible (according to WBCSD) and more than half of…

Showcasing Technology Innovations for Entrepreneurs at Fast Company Innovation Festival

October 24, 2018

This week, thousands of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and storytellers will head to New York City for Fast Company’s Innovation Festival. Having only been around for four years, the festival is already being nicknamed the “SXSW of the east coast” – so you can imagine the excitement this week will bring. Over the course of the week, attendees will immerse themselves in everything tech and Dell will be front and center. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have unique business needs and…