People are the Key to Digital Workforce Transformation

November 8, 2019

Your talent is the backbone of any digital workforce transformation. It’s only by diving into the needs of your own employees and by fulfilling their true expectations that you’ll be able to create a productive, engaged and loyal talent base. HR departments everywhere, and particularly those in the largest companies in the world, are accountable for a vast employee community. It’s up to the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to leap into the breach to turn modern-day challenges into opportunities….

Top Women Leaders Find Inspiration and Opportunity at Power Trip 2019

After another high-powered, inspirational summit, Power Trip 2019 has come to a close. Alongside Intel, we powered Marie Claire’s annual all-female conference as part of our global commitment to celebrate female leadership. 36 hours of networking, opportunity, and exciting surprises connected leaders from coast to coast. Dedicated to gathering powerful women in every industry to grow, learn, and share what they know, we were there powering them every step along the way. That’s why we, alongside Intel, turned their flight to…

Meaningful Partnerships are at the Center of Alienware’s Commitment to Community

November 7, 2019

Great partnerships are built upon shared beliefs and long-term commitment. In my own life, there’s no better example of a partnership than the 19 years I’ve shared with my wife Jennifer. We started our life journey together as high school sweethearts. Professionally, I’ve seen Dell and Alienware become a beacon of how partnerships should be built – based on trust and commitment with a “community first” approach. Within the realm of Esports and gaming, core values of “listening and learning” are central…

A Culture of Service Enriches All of Our Lives

Each year on November 11, Veteran’s Day is a reminder to honor and share our gratitude for the remarkable contributions made by those who have served or are serving our country in the armed services. When I think about those who have served, including so many employees across Dell Technologies, what stands out to me is the consistency of their commitment to serve others. I see it every day among our team members who are veterans or are family members…