Introducing Dell Wyse ThinLinux 2.2

April 25, 2019

In May 2018, Dell introduced Dell Wyse ThinLinux 2, centered around the idea of a secure computing environment with a simple user interface and an open OS architecture that allows effortless integration with third-party applications, without any modifications. Also, it is a 64-bit OS with the flexibility and security of Ubuntu Linux, and applications that provide outstanding benefits to customers across industries. Since May 2018, we’ve made steady improvements to provide better features, performance, reliability, and security. Today, we’re excited…

How Much Time Will You Spend Today Thinking About Tomorrow?

April 24, 2019

This is the first installment of an ongoing series “Sweet on Dell Technologies”. At Dell Technologies, we think a lot about what’s coming next. The next IT trend that’s going to transform business and the way we do things. The next big thing that’s going to help us use data to make smarter decisions faster. The next smart machine that works in partnership with humans to solve problems. We’re always thinking about how we help our customers become digital organizations…

More CPU and GPU Options for Whatever You Play or Create

April 23, 2019

Gaming is a passion for us and what’s often so inspiring is how unique the experience is for everyone – we all do it a little differently. No matter how many hours you put in, we want you to look forward to gaming on an Alienware or Dell G Series laptop. As gamers ourselves (and tech geeks who appreciate the specs), Alienware and Dell know that gamers have different needs but are all looking for the best CPUs and graphics…

Achievements in Circular Design and Sustainability

April 19, 2019

Monday is Earth Day, a day I typically take on the role of Chief Electric Bicyclist, generating power for our Earth Day celebrations at the Dell Technologies headquarters. But beyond getting exercise, it’s also a day that we mark at Dell Technologies by teaming up to clean up our local environments. We have a record 60 events happening around the globe this year! We also use the day to reflect on our progress against our comprehensive set of sustainability goals….