Our Story

About Us

We believe that government should move at the pace of innovation. At Dell PolicyHacks we work to engage policymakers with the newest technologies and collaboratively brainstorm efficient legislative solutions. This is the Dell PolicyHack mission.

That’s why at every PolicyHack you’ll always find local and national government officials, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, students, business enthusiasts, and nonprofit leaders.

Meet Our Team

Dell Government Affairs Team members, based in 11 countries around the world, are global citizens who work to create a better world with the backing of a global company. Our work impacts local communities, national policies and tech initiatives around the world.

PolicyHack Champions come from a range of industries and backgrounds, but share a belief in the ability of the entrepreneurial spirit to solve global problems.  Each Champion works as a part of the Dell PolicyHack collective to make our hacks productive and the ideas produced realized.

Our Partners

The Dell Global Government Affairs Team works with a diverse range of partners across the world to bring PolicyHacks to life.