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23 Oct 2018

Sydney, Australia - Dell Women's Entrepreneurship PolicyHack

Spark Festival

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On the heels of the 9th Annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Summit (DWEN), please join Dell, industry, and civic leaders for an interactive PolicyHack to develop solutions on ways Sydney can continue to attract high-potential women entrepreneurs.

While women are starting businesses twice as fast as men, they have a disproportionally high failure rate. Understanding that women still struggle to access capital, networks and resources they need to scale, Dell has been investing in research to better understand the obstacles standing in women’s way of not just starting a business, but growing it. In 2016 and 2017, our research drilled down to the city level to assess the impact of local policies and national laws and customs. In 2018, we commissioned blueprints for 10 cities to arm city leaders and policymakers with the data and insights they need to make it better for high-potential women entrepreneurs.

Sydney ranked 11th on the 2017 WE Cities Index, and our 2018 research shows that Sydney leaders and influencers could drive further opportunities by focusing on policies that promote access to capital and work/life balance and foster female talent.

Event Format

Four teams of 3 – 5 people will work for 60 minutes to create a solution to a unique policy or social challenge relating to entrepreneurship or technology.

Each will team then have 5 minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, who will offer critiques. •Teams will not be provided with their challenge question beforehand.

After judging, we’ll celebrate the winners and all participants with food and drink.

Judging Criteria

Does the proposed solution solve the challenge presented? (33%)

Is the proposed solution innovative, novel or unique? (33%) •Does the proposed solution have a reasonable level of utility, have ability to be replicated and have chance of being adopted? (34%)


Solution does not need to be a government-run program, but should involve the government in some way.

Strong solutions will be innovative, novel and high impact.

Focus not just on the solution, but actionable first steps as well. (How will this be adopted.)


You may be photographed or videod while attending this event: please approach the organiser if you have questions, concerns, or do not wish this to happen.

The event organisers may add you to a mailing list so they can follow up, and you can receive updates about their activities: this mailing list will have an easy-to-find unsubscribe button.

This event is part of Spark Festival and upholds the Spark Code of Conduct.

14 Nov 2018

MATHCOUNTS - "Are you Smarter than a Mathlete?"

DCU Center

Join Dell and MATHCOUNTS for a live quiz-bowl style math competition, where 7th and 8th grade Mathletes® are paired with influencers and technology industry leaders in a single elimination bracket tournament. This “Are You Smarter than a Mathlete?” event will introduce you to the fun ways MATHCOUNTS aims to help build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem solving, helping students embrace challenges and expand their academic and career opportunities in the future.

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