Episode Nine – The Sweetest Treat

Although the world has changed significantly over the past few decades, one thing has stayed consistent: our love for candy. While the rudiments of these sweet treats have stayed the same, the processes for manufacturing, distributing and experimenting have undergone a digital transformation.

The Infinite Patience of AI

November 9, 2020

Dell Technologies is at the forefront of AI innovation to help you make tomorrow possible, learn more about how AI is changing how we care for ourselves and others.

Celebrate STEM/STEAM Day with VxRail

Leveraging new technology such as spatial computing not only makes complex stories easier to tell, but further drives creativity and inspires innovation within audiences of all ages.

The Journey to As-a-Service

November 2, 2020

Project APEX builds upon a decades-long history of delivering on-demand IT. Here’s a look at the latest strides we’re making on our journey to delivering cloud-like, as-a-Services experiences across the full Dell Technologies portfolio.

Security is Everyone’s Job

October 30, 2020

The lessons we learned during Cybersecurity Awareness Month should be put into practice every day. Let’s continue to do our part and #BeCyberSmart every day of the year.

AI: Going Beyond Automation

In my previous blog, I talked about the “reality of virtuality” with artificial intelligence (AI). Today’s focus is the role of AI in automation and beyond.

Giving Computers a Voice

October 23, 2020

You may have dreamed of having a conversation with your computer, but have you thought about what it takes for a computer to have a conversation with a human?

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader – Five Years in a Row

For the fifth year in a row, Gartner named Dell Technologies a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage report. Dell EMC PowerScale, which includes our Isilon nodes, and Dell EMC ECS were evaluated for the report.

And the Most Innovative Application of AI Goes to…

October 22, 2020

We were delighted to receive a FutureNet award last month. With award-winning solutions like NCX and a growing ecosystem of best-of-breed partners like Cardinality, Dell Technologies is excited to become the preferred IT infrastructure provider for telecom as the industry evolves toward 5G and data-centric business models built on disaggregated, cloud-based architectures.

Dell Technologies and Splunk Go to the Races with McLaren

Applying machine learning to massive amounts of raw data requires a huge amount of computational power and storage. Instead of just throwing more hardware at the problem, McLaren decided to take a strategic approach, making use of Dell Technologies solutions for HPC to provide the computational performance and storage capacity they needed. And, they were able to do it within the same footprint and with a public cloud experience delivered from their own on-premises data center.

VxRail: Driving the Future of HCI at the Edge

VxRail – the only jointly integrated HCI system with VMware – delivers a curated, turnkey experience, including our HCI System Software that enables automated, full stack lifecycle management. Our continuous innovation in driving operational efficiency at scale and our broad range of platform configuration options enable customers to optimize edge clusters for their workload requirements while addressing space and power constraints… so more and more customers can rely on VxRail to drive the future of HCI at the edge.

How Digital Transformation is Reshaping Our World

This week we’re excited to be joined by customers and partners around the globe for Dell Technologies World Digital Experience. Here are just a few of the amazing and inspiring success stories we’re hearing from our customers this year.

Episode Seven – The Blueprint of Modern Medicine

By using DNA to read a patient’s cellular blueprint, vast new possibilities are emerging in the treatment of infectious diseases. But for genomics to work, massive amounts of data must be gathered and processed at incredible speeds, and that sounds like a job for technology.