Introducing Easy and Highly Protected Multi-cloud Managed Services

October 21, 2020

Dell Technologies Cloud PowerProtect for Multi-Cloud provides a fully managed service with a single target for backup and recovery for all three of the major cloud players today. This service provides end-to-end flexibility to adjust throughput and backup windows to meet data protection policies — without resource underutilization and management overhead.

Introducing the Dell Technologies Cloud Console

A key part of Project Apex, the new Dell Technologies Cloud Console is an integrated online experience designed to let you manage cloud workloads and services through a single web interface.

Find Your Edge with Dell Technologies

Edge computing isn’t new, but we are still in the early stages of its growth. Get ready, and let us help you prepare, because in the coming months and years Edge computing will shake the foundations of IT in ways we haven’t seen since the advent of cloud.

Working Together to Eliminate E-waste

October 15, 2020

October 14, 2020 was International E-Waste Day, created to promote awareness and the correct disposal of e-waste throughout the world. Dell Technologies has been firmly committed to environmental stewardship for more than two decades, leading the drive to reduce e-waste. Our efforts began with the 1996 debut of our Asset Resale & Recycling Services for businesses. In 2004, we launched Dell Reconnect, a consumer recycling partnership with Goodwill, and in 2014, we began reusing plastics collected from recycled systems to…

Accelerating our Path to Progress

October 1, 2020

In June, the U.S. – and the world – galvanized to accelerate racial equity. Sadly, we continue to experience tragedies and injustices that make it clear we still have a lot of hard work to do. We are at an inflection point, and companies like ours play a key role in creating environments where differences are valued and celebrated. Where everyone has a sense of belonging and can achieve their full potential. This will take time, and we are hard…

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

September 25, 2020

September is Hispanic Heritage Month, an opportunity to honor the generations of Hispanic and Latinx Americans who have enriched our society and culture. It is also an opportunity for me personally to take a moment to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our Hispanic and Latinx team members while recognizing the opportunity we have in front of us to bring more diverse perspectives to the table. I’ve been at Dell Technologies for more than 25 years starting my career here in…

Going for Global Goals

September 22, 2020

This week, the United Nations (UN) gathers for its 75th General Assembly and Climate Week to examine the progress made against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals were adopted in 2015 by the UN member states and are, in effect, a blueprint for how we’ll build the world we want to live in by 2030. Or as our and the UN Foundation’s former entrepreneur-in-residence Elizabeth Gore refers to the SDGs—“the world’s to-do list.” With the events of 2020, this…

Easing the Transition to New Ways of Working

September 15, 2020

From medical equipment to groceries, technology is helping businesses make new ways of working a reality.  The spread and severity of COVID-19 has forced businesses and public institutions to find ways to carry out their essential missions while keeping their customers, employees and citizens safe. That means large-scale transitions to remote work. For many, those transitions have had to be seamless. Lives and livelihoods are on the line, both in the workplace and in communities around the world. For many,…

Same Home Office, Brand New Perspective

September 10, 2020

In my first week back at Dell Technologies, I’m excited to have this opportunity to address the partner community. Please see my letter below.   Partners: I’m humbled and honored to begin a new chapter as Dell Technologies’ Global Channel Chief. What you’ve built here is nothing short of incredible – in FY20, you brought in $52B in orders revenue¹ and over 70,000 new and reactivated customers! If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re on a…

Support Your Remote Workforce With the Right Tools to Boost Productivity

September 8, 2020

Recent global disruptions have resulted in a rapid evolution of the workplace and major shifts in the way we live and work over the past few months. The number of employees working from home increased from 5% to 60% in a matter of weeks1. Naturally, this drastic change brought about a new set of challenges for organizations. Besides a physical change in the work environment, employees have had to adapt to new modes of communication, adjust to changes in workstation…

Transforming Education Through Technology

September 3, 2020

Over the last few months, we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic radically reshape lives and livelihoods. People across the world have transitioned to remote work and education arrangements, increasing our reliance on digital technologies. In the education sector, students and teachers have had to quickly adapt to new models of learning and teaching from remote settings, a transition that has highlighted the importance of digital skilling and universal access to technology. At this moment of accelerated change, we at Dell…

Dell Precision 3240 Compact: An Ultra-Small But Powerful Workstation For All

August 25, 2020

With some planning to return to the office over the coming months, many businesses and institutions are looking to reshape office layouts, striking a delicate balance that promotes both worker safety and productivity. Open office space will be a commodity, and those who continue to work remotely may also be seeking smaller devices that can be tucked away easily. Against this backdrop, today Dell introduced a new ultra-small form factor (USFF) workstation, the Dell Precision 3240 Compact. Small yet powerful,…

Respecting the Boundaries of Earth Overshoot Day

August 20, 2020

We have all learned a lot about boundaries during COVID-19. Boundaries like six-foot social distancing are meant to keep you safe. But what are the boundaries that keep humanity safe on our finite planet? This Saturday, August 22, marks Earth Overshoot Day – the day when the Ecological Footprint — humanity’s demands on natural resources and services — exceeds what the planet can regenerate in that year (“biocapacity”), according to calculations by Global Footprint Network. From now through December 31,…

Talking Video Workflows and Workstations with Adobe’s Dave Helmly

August 18, 2020

Dave Helmly, head of strategic development for Broadcast at Adobe®, has forged a distinguished career in video and imaging, helping professional creators nail their workflows. As a #DellInsideCircle member, Dave uses Dell Precision mobile workstations daily with his team of 15 international field representatives. We sat down with him to hear his thoughts on the role of technology in video and image editing, which technologies get him most excited, and how he expects the industry to evolve.  Matt: What technology…

How Technology is Transforming the Circular Economy

August 17, 2020

Increasing efficiencies and shrinking footprints in the IT industry When it comes to expanding the circular economy, the IT industry is one of the effort’s greatest enablers — especially when technology provides scalable solutions that drive real value. In fact, global sustainability experts have identified seven distinct types of digital technology that already do or soon will play a critical role in implementing and furthering thousands of circularity initiatives: digital access, cloud, cognitive, blockchain, fast internet, IoT and digital reality….

It’s a Marathon

August 6, 2020

Michael’s Letter to Team Members One of the best parts of my job is meeting our customers and partners where they live and work, and seeing firsthand all the amazing things they are doing with our technology. But like everyone, I’ve been grounded for nearly five months — riding out the pandemic and waiting for everything to get back to normal. But what we’re all coming to realize is that whatever or whenever normal happens, it isn’t going to be…

Sweet on Dell Technologies: What We Do Matters

If there’s a bright side to our current global situation, it’s that it has reminded us of our humanity. Since March, I’ve met countless customers’ children and pets thanks to Zoom. I’ve sat across dining tables and on front porches with shareholders and analysts (virtually, of course). My grandkids’ rendition of If You’re Happy and You Know It has been the soundtrack to more than one team call. In some ways, our social distance has made us more connected and…

Empowering a Connected Workplace

July 30, 2020

Yesterday, Dell Technologies SVP of Corporate Real Estate and Global Facilities, Mark Pringle, was invited to testify before the United States Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works to discuss flexible workspace strategies and the ways the federal government might integrate these strategies. Joining him in testimony were Kate Lister, President, Global Workplace Analytics, and Dr. Michael Benjamin, Chief of Air Quality Planning and Science division of the California Air Resources Board. Chairman John Barrasso and Ranking Member Thomas Carper…

The Role Our Global Supply Chain Plays in Dell’s 2030 Vision

July 27, 2020

Almost one year ago, Dell Technologies introduced the 2030 Progress Made Real goals – reflecting our core purpose as a company to drive human progress and create a positive and lasting impact on humankind and the planet. Progress Made Real has four core goals: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, transforming lives with technology, and upholding ethics and privacy. It was a different world a year ago, but changing times do not change our focus. In fact, today’s challenges have only reinforced…

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Goes Virtual

July 23, 2020

A year ago, the DWEN team began to reimagine a new vision for our global community. One that supported us in better serving our membership but also made it possible to meaningfully add value for the female entrepreneurs we serve. Nowhere in our planning could we have predicted the turns 2020 would take nor how this year would provide such immediate opportunity to better serve our membership.  And what a transformative twelve months it has been – for DWEN and…

Tech Fast-Tracks Critical Tools In COVID-19 Fight

July 22, 2020

Manufacturers of medical equipment knew that as COVID-19 spread, they’d have to increase production at unprecedented rates. Still, it was impossible to anticipate the scale of the need, which would force some companies to find new ways to manufacture equipment. It required others to fast-track the development of critical products focused on test automation and vaccine development. No matter the path, manufacturers would lean heavily on technology to get more equipment out the door and meet rapidly increasing demand. “From…

Dell Technologies’ PolicyHacks: The Vision

In 2015, Dell Technologies hosted its first PolicyHack in Austin, Texas to provide a platform for an interactive, competitive, hackathon that tasked participants to design solutions for pressing public policy challenges. Held alongside that year’s SXSW conference, we used the platform to connect local technology and entrepreneurship communities with policymakers, where participants pitched their solutions for building a stronger and more inclusive framework of tech policies to a panel of judges comprising of policymakers, think tanks, industry champions, and others….

Working Toward a Better Tomorrow, Today

July 21, 2020

Ed. Note: This blog was co-authored by Christine Fraser, Chief Responsibility Officer, Brian Reaves, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and Mike McLaughlin, SVP Employment Law and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer   Last year, we shared our vision to drive positive societal change as we look to 2030 — our Progress Made Real Plan. We set 22 bold goals, including our most ambitious moonshot goals, designed to be the driving force for measurable progress. These are our commitments to each…

Turning Listening into Action

The weeks leading up to the publishing of our 2020 D&I Report have been incredibly difficult. Here in the U.S. and across the globe, we have grieved the murders of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor and others. We have reflected on the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on minorities and watched as people of all colors and creeds engage in justified civil unrest against longstanding racial injustice around the world. Here at Dell Technologies, Michael Dell asked us all to…

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Our Commitment to Driving Social Change All stakeholders should benefit from a company’s business practices. We’ve always known this to be true. And with widespread socioeconomic disparity, racial injustice and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable, it has never been more important for companies to have this commitment at the center of their business. In 2019, we introduced Progress Made Real, our social impact plan for 2030. We set bold, aggressive goals to advance sustainability, cultivate inclusion,…

How Tech is Bolstering Life-Saving COVID-19 Efforts

July 14, 2020

Lives are on the line every minute of every day for doctors, nurses and dedicated professionals throughout the health care industry. A global pandemic like COVID-19 heightens this urgency by changing priorities, exposing vulnerabilities and disrupting efforts to save lives. But with technology on their side, medical organizations and professionals around the world are able to make steady progress in combatting the virus while providing immediate and attentive care for those who are impacted by the disease. “Dell Technologies has…

Power Your Next Creation With the New XPS Desktop and Dell S-Series Monitors

July 9, 2020

Over the last few months, most of us have been getting reacquainted with our PCs at home. We know that having the right PC, complemented by the perfect monitor and accessories, can empower you to accomplish anything you throw at it: the power to create, work, play and communicate without limits. After unveiling our newest XPS notebooks in May, it’s no surprise that we’re bringing that same power and style to our new XPS Desktop – adding to our award-winning…

Customer Perspective: Workforce Transformation and Agility in 2020

July 8, 2020

Ed. Note: This blog was guest authored by Scott Potoczak, Director of IT Customer Support, Baker Botts No one can predict the future, but as a global law firm, Baker Botts understands the importance of planning for all possibilities. Shortly after the first COVID-19 cases surfaced in the United States, we quickly realized that providing staff with disinfecting wipes wasn’t enough to keep them safe. In-person appointments and conferences rapidly switched to virtual meetings. And within 10 days of our…

Future of Work: Accelerating Innovation with Monitors to Drive Business Outcomes

July 7, 2020

We worked with IDC annually to identify key trends that are expected to accelerate monitor innovation and contribute to a more efficient organization. Here are the five key outcomes from our Future of Work 2020 study which will continue to develop over the next few years and impact an organization’s monitor selection criteria.  Collaboration As the line between personal and professional life converge, organizations are placing an increasing importance on remote work and creating a more flexible and collaborative workplace….