The Core of our Culture Code

By Cris Turner

It’s no secret: people are the most important asset of virtually every company. In fact, a study by Korn Ferry found that human capital is four times more valuable to the US economy than physical assets. As a result, anything companies can do to improve employee conditions and performance, will benefit the company largely.

Dell has always understood this reality. Thirty years ago, Michael Dell founded his namesake in his UT dorm room with the explicit purpose of using the power of technology to drive human progress. Dell aims to fulfill that purpose inside its walls as well, embracing people, opportunities and ideas through a diverse workforce and culture of inclusion. From internal employee resource groups to external partnerships, this commitment takes a variety of forms.

  1. Empowering Women. Dell has never forgotten its small-business entrepreneurial roots and the leadership inherent in running your own company. Through the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), we connect female entrepreneurs with sources of capital, knowledge and technology that allows them to scale and succeed. We also commission research to study local factors that contribute to, or block the success, of female-owned companies. We make sure this data reaches the hands of policymakers through community outreach.
  1. Pride at Dell. Pride is one of Dell’s Employee Resource Groups, available in over 20 countries to open up dialogue around sexual orientation and provide support for our LGBT colleagues. Thus far, it has pioneered domestic partnership benefits, helped create our first Transgender Toolkit, and is committed to expanding support globally.
  1. PolicyHack in the Halls of Congress. Dell is committed to working with members and congressional caucuses who advocate for communities of color. This month, Dell hosted its first event at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference. At the Dell PolicyHack, the winning idea suggested a public-private partnership that uses government data and AI to match employers and prospective employees from underrepresented communities.
  1. Partnerships This month, Dell announced its partnership with Rep. Alma Adams and the bipartisan Historically Black Colleges and Universities Caucus. This is an opportunity to address the underrepresentation of African Americans in tech. Dell is also a strategic partner with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, promoting its mission to develop Latino leaders. Our Senior Vice President of Human Resources Ed Loya sits on its board, working with members of Congress to encourage policies that benefit the Latino community.

At Dell we believe that the private sector, in partnerships with government and nonprofits, has an opportunity to invest in initiatives that support the inclusion of diverse populations. We take this responsibility seriously as an employer and a tech leader. “Diversity and Inclusion” are not just buzzwords for Dell. It is a core part of our mission.