Boston, USA

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Oct 11, 2017


Boston, USA

Winning Team

  • Jason Lindley
  • Jacob Barry
  • Adolph DuBose


  • Andrew Duncan
  • Harry Gibson
  • Joan Obrien
  • Diane Curtis
  • Carl Lynch


Advancing STEM Education – creation of a software that allows children to discover unique careers in STEM education based on their current interests and provides resources to allow them to explore that career idea further

Winning Idea

Journey closes the opportunity gap by engaging all learners, to envision themselves in STEAM careers, and to chart a course for a productive and meaningful future. With a lifelong, evolving platform and curated multimedia content, Journey helps all students not only envision themselves in careers, but to chart a course that changes as they grow. It is a software platform that functions as a 'choose your own adventure' decision tree to discover careers in STEM of all types based on a student's interests and hobbies. The platform will not only expose students to types of careers that utilize STEM, but provide resources for further exploration in their potential career paths.