CHCI-Dell PolicyHack 2020: Hacking the Digital Divide

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Sep 17, 2020


CHCI-Dell PolicyHack 2020: Hacking the Digital Divide

Winning Team

  • Anne Jiang
  • Thomas Franco
  • Abel Ramos


  • Ed Loya, Dell SVP of Human Resources for Dell’s Corporate Services Functions
  • Alma Acosta, Executive Director of the CHC
  • Christine Godinez, President of CHSA
  • Noel Candelaria, the NEA Secretary & Treasurer


The virtual event was an interactive effort designed to address the digital divide and how we can leverage emerging technologies for societal good, by narrowing racial bias and health inequities and increasing workforce readiness in the Latino community in the U.S., among other issues.

Winning Idea

The winning team focused on finding solutions geared towards how tech companies can support education systems, such as by improving access to internet, access to technology, and access to knowledge. The team made several recommendations, including that tech companies provide subsidies to vulnerable populations such as children living in rural areas. As a prize, Dell generously donated new Dell XPS 15’’ laptops to each person on the winning team which mainly consisted of university students.