International Community Border Plaza PolicyHack

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Apr 2, 2019


International Community Border Plaza PolicyHack

Winning Team

  • Jesus Macias - State Government of Chihuahua (Team 1)
  • Anna Alverez - State Government of Chihuahua (Team 1)
  • Christina Ainsworth - Dona Ana County (Team 1)
  • Peter Ibarbo - City of Sunland Park (Team 1)
  • Bryn Davis - El Paso Electric Company (Team 1)
  • Tracey Bryan - The Bridge of Southern New Mexico (Team 1)
  • Francisco Pallares - City of Las Cruces (Team 2)
  • Cody McCarty - U.S. Senate (Team 2)
  • Jamie Campos - State Government of Chihuahua (Team 2)
  • Martha Messina - State Government of Chihuahua (Team 2)
  • Emma Schwartz - MCA Foundation (Team 2)


  • Cris Turner - Dell Technologies
  • Tom Hutchinson - La Posta de Mesilla
  • Jerry Pacheco - Border Industrial Association
  • Octavio Lugo - Corporacion Inmobilaria San Jeronimo
  • Chris Lyons - Santa Teresa Land, LLC & Westpark, LLC
  • Fernando Macias - County Manager, Doña Ana County


Team One Challenge: What are the leading opportunities and weaknesses of the development of a cross border industrial campus in the Santa Teresa and San Jeronimo region? How can the government and private sector work together to address them and advance the concept? Team Two Challenge: What industry cluster or clusters are best suited to benefit from a regional international cross border campus based on either existing regional emphasis or international business trends? How can the local government encourage greater participation from the community in these particular clusters?

Winning Idea

Team One Idea: Establish the cross border campus through the government entities, but fund the project through a consortium of private sector businesses and major corporation. Participant companies will be "tenants" on the campus. Team Two Idea: Target industries that are highly regulated because there is a high barrier to entry & association with quality. These industries include automotive, biomedical devices, electronics, aerospace, and energy.