Boston, MA

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Oct 1, 2019


Boston, MA

Winning Team

  • Team Healthcare: Resilient-Coders - an organization that focuses on training people of color for high growth careers as software engineers, and connecting them with jobs


  • Matt Baker, Senior Vice President of EMC Strategy and Planning for Dell Technologies
  • Jody Rose, President of New England Venture Capital Association
  • Brian McGrory, Editor in Chief of The Boston Globe
  • Christine Ortiz, Former Dean of MIT and Co-Founder of Station One
  • Natalia Urturbey, Director of Small Business Agencies for the City of Boston


Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G/6G will transform healthcare around the world. How can the industry leverage these technologies to provide accessibility and better services in a large, expensive industry? What can governments do to provide a favorable regulatory framework so that the healthcare industry can pursue technological advancements? Please propose a solution to help reduce the hurdles in an industry that’s slow to change.

Winning Idea

The winning idea detailed the creation of a new platform using blockchain, coupled with public medical and data protection policies (such as HIPPA), to streamline the accessibility of medical records to the public. In creating this new platform, accessing, storing, and revising medical records would become easier for both medical professionals and patients across various health facilities. In doing such, this platform would lead to a healthier society in which individuals can easily become more medically literate and better aware of their own health complications; furthermore, it would increase efficiency in the medical field by leveraging innovative technological toolkits to ensure the appropriate data is accessible in medical scenarios.