Dell PolicyHack at Congressional Black Caucus Conference

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Sep 12, 2019


Dell PolicyHack at Congressional Black Caucus Conference

Winning Team

  • Josephine Amusa
  • Maddie Schumacher
  • Kelsey Woody
  • Latreecia Folkes
  • Erin Lynch
  • Priscilla Barbour


  • Congressman Marc Veasey - U.S. Representative for the 33th District of Texas
  • Alysia Green - General Manager of Upstream Information Technology at Chevron
  • Denzel Singletary - Manager of Global Government Relations at Ebay
  • Jay Cho - Federal Manager of Government Relations at Verizon
  • Aaron Moore - Policy Analyst at LinkedIn
  • Roslyn Brooks - Managing Director of Government, Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy at PWC
  • Denise Wilson - Consultant at


There exists implicit bias in the programming of autonomous technology (i.e. soap dispensers that will not dispense soap for individuals of darker complexions individuals, and facial recognition software that mistakes minority Members of Congress for convicted criminals. How can we facilitate diverse voices with organizations that create the technology that runs these programs?

Winning Idea

Create a digital app that builds educational pathways into the technology industry and incentivizes entry opportunities within the tech field to lead underprivileged children into various STEM careers. Along with providing a pipeline for marginalized children to enter the tech industry, the proposed app will leverage facial recognition technology to crowdsource the complexions of users and build out recognizable skin-tones for AI devices. To protect privacy concerns, the app will require parental consent by sending access codes to parental devices to be inputted into the child’s app; furthermore, the app will restrict data collection solely to skin complexion. By engaging underrepresenting children in a fun, dynamic, and accessible method, this digital app will address AI bias while laying the foundation for a more diverse technological workforce.