Mexico City, MX

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Aug 7, 2017


Mexico City, MX

Winning Team

  • Claret Uribe
  • Monica Ducoing
  • Rodrigo Hernandez Arauz
  • Claire Perez-Tejedor
  • Jairo Ruiz


  • Juan Francisco Aguilar
  • Katyna Argueta
  • Jorge Ortiz
  • Mónica Villela
  • Alejandro Villanueva
  • Horacio Rodriguez


Recently, a study by Dell concluded that Mexico City ranked 45th in the world for attracting and supporting women entrepreneurs. How can the city and federal government create stronger entrepreneurial ecosystems to increase support for women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses? Please identify a specific barrier you are trying to remove and a policy solution that would remove this barrier.

Winning Idea

Development of an additional class for middle school children, focused on basic entrepreneurship concepts and notions, incorporating purpose, innovation and technology. The purpose is to shift gender paradigms from a young age, and empower girls to become successful entrepreneurs.