Mexico City, MX

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Feb 21, 2018


Mexico City, MX

Winning Team

  • Rosa Marta Abascal
  • Ofelia Angulo
  • Martha Patricia Fernández
  • Ximena Martínez Galindo
  • Samantha Gastaldi
  • Laura Gerones
  • Ana María Hernández Vázquez
  • Claudia Becerril Medina
  • Laura Soberanes Rojas
  • Manuela Vieira


  • Maria Constanza Riveros
  • Juan Francisco Aguilar
  • Rocío Ruiz Chávez
  • Maria Elena Estavillo Flores
  • Natalia Villalpando


What is needed to improve the management skills of women entrepreneurs so they can take advantage of the opportunities created by globalization?

Winning Idea

To create a management training program for women in Mexico, allowing them to discover their true talent. The program will offer a menu of options for improving managerial skills, providing a mixed modality of both in-person and online classes, which will be accessible, widely disseminated and free of charge. Female specialists will be tasked with imparting each specific class, based on the concept of training the trainers.