PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Nov 19, 2019


Winning Team

  • Troy Gilchrist - The Luminosity Lab
  • Maxwell Flanagan - The Luminosity Lab
  • Jeremy Liu - The Luminosity Lab


  • Scott Sudhalter, Regional Sales Director, Dell Technologies
  • David Guston, Director and Professor at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University
  • Di Bowman, Associate Dean, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University
  • Sasan Poureetezadi, Town of Gilbert CTO
  • Eugene Mejia, Town of Gilbert Deputy CTO


Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G/6G will transform healthcare around the world. How can the healthcare industry leverage these technologies to provide better accessibility / services in a large while lowering overall costs? Please propose a technology solution from industry, government and / or community to help address these challenges.

Winning Idea

The winning idea was an inclusive platform that allows small patient populations affected with rare conditions to contribute crucial data and valuable insights for new research and development of cutting-edge treatment. The platform would provide feedback and guidance to patients years before conclusive studies are finished by leveraging expert and community-driven knowledge. To ensure privacy, the data sourced can be stored on a block chain allowing verifiable data usage and anonymity. The winning team proposed an adoption strategy focused on current connections through ASU, Dignity Health and local Arizonan communities by utilizing federal grants, the NIH and other organizations.