San Francisco, USA

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Sep 17, 2017


San Francisco, USA

Winning Team

  • Bart Bellers
  • Vincenzo De Cristofaro
  • Antonio Sorrentino
  • Dimitri Maex
  • Maynard Holliday
  • Matteo Sabattini


  • Pēteris Zilgalvis
  • Cynthia Jaggi
  • Gianpiero Lotito
  • Alberto Onetti


The general starting point was to share transatlantic insights on how to best structure the dialogue between startups, policymakers and regulators in a way that allows entrepreneurs to develop innovative goods and services while achieving public policy objectives. The specific challenge was how cities can work with startups and regulators to develop public spaces and infrastructure that support innovative products and services, enabling cities to keep public spaces and infrastructure up-to-date and secure, and allowing startups to comply with relevant regulation such as energy and transport rules.

Winning Idea

The team recommended for cities to develop a reverse process for their Requests for Proposal when procuring technology solutions in the autonomous driving space. This aligns a city’s innovation cycle to innovation cycles in the private sector and renders the tendering process more agile and participative while keeping public spaces up to date and secure.