Sydney, Australia

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Oct 23, 2018


Sydney, Australia

Winning Team

  • The winning team, “The Capitalists”, comprised of:
  • • Andrew Asfaganov, a web developer and founder of CityMiner
  • • Mariam Mohammed, a masters student at University of Sydney
  • • Jacqui Walshe, the Managing Director of The Walshe Group (and a member of DWEN)


  • • Angela Fox, General Manager, Commercial and Public Sector, Dell EMC ANZ
  • • Ben Jackson, General Manager, Consumer and Small Business, Dell ANZ
  • • Wendy Simpson, Entrepreneur & Business Leader
  • • Roz Gregory, Director Customer Success and Digital Transformation, Asia Pacific and Japan, Pivotal
  • • Susie Gemmell, Engagement Director, Sydney School of Entrepreneurship


Describe a solution that public and private sector leaders can employ to improve access to capital to encourage women to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities?

Winning Idea

The team identified that unconscious bias played a major role in preventing female entrepreneurs from receiving funding. Their solution detailed an anonymised pitching process for venture capitalists to remove this barrier. The team will continue to work alongside Dell to develop this pitch and apply it to real life businesses.