Tallinn, Estonia

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Nov 22, 2017


Tallinn, Estonia

Winning Team

  • Cristina Fernandez
  • Dave Kuo
  • Rasha Tantawy
  • Andreas Stefanidis
  • Viljar Lubi
  • Michalis Stangos


  • Eamonn Carey
  • Evan Burfield
  • Anne Veerpalu
  • Peteris Zilgalvis
  • Dane Stangler
  • Mikk Vainik
  • Jonathan Ortmans


The general challenge was for governments to bring a specific, real policy challenge to the table, along with a preliminary idea of how to address it and the commitment to test the hacked solution in their respective ecosystems. The specific challenge hacked by the winning team was how to help agritech startups access a global market and validate performance on a global farm – given a growing number of African agritech entrepreneurs, for example, have found innovative solutions to problems but then find a gap in market expansion knowledge and opportunity.

Winning Idea

“Twinning Open Farms” project which will see two open lab farms teaming up, one based in the EU and the other one in Africa or the MENA region. The objective is to enable the farmers who are part of the project to benefit from innovative technology and the agritech entrepreneurs to validate their products in the respective markets. Egypt and Greece will serve as pilot and recruit startups.