Dell PolicyHack at Thrival

PolicyHack: A Closer Look


Sep 18, 2019


Dell PolicyHack at Thrival

Winning Team

  • Venkata Sanjay Renduchintala
  • Alexandra Egan
  • Jacob Feldgoise


  • Bill Peduto - Mayor of Pittsburg
  • Noopur David - Comcast Chief Technology Officer
  • Cris Turner - VP of Government Affairs for Americas at Dell
  • Lenore Blum - Professor emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University


Emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency and 5G/6G will reshape our education system by 2030. How can governments and the private sector collaborate to make sure these technologies provide greater access to opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable? Education will need to evolve to match the skills required for newly emerging jobs, including digital literacy and soft skills. Please propose a solution to help technology level the playing field in education.

Winning Idea

The city of Pittsburgh and companies -- such as Dell and Comcast -- should collaborate and agree upon which skills will be more valuable to local companies in the future. Once there is consensus on the most valuable hard and soft skills for the emerging workforce, a public-private partnerships should be established between companies, community colleges and local governments to pool funds to encourage enrollment and build a certification program with classes specifically designed to enhance the desired skill sets. In total, the completion of this program would guarantee skilled community college students a job within those companies. Furthermore, the solution scales to other similar-sized cities across the US to combat potential problems around unfulfilled jobs in emerging technologies and workforce readiness issues.