Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy Hack

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Apr 4, 2019


Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy Hack

Winning Team

  • Hadiya Mujhid
  • Lauren Goldstein
  • Clara Graham
  • Dara Parker
  • Kasandra Gandara
  • Rajaa Shindy
  • Trashard Mays
  • Eric Renz-Whitmore
  • Estela Hernandez
  • Kristin Morehead


  • Ken Miyagishima - Mayor of Las Cruces
  • Patricia Knighten - Vibrant Company
  • John Garcia - Small Business Administration
  • Kathryn Hansen - NMSU Arrowhead


How can the public and private sectors work together to provide rurally-located women entrepreneurs with greater access to business resources and customers?

Winning Idea

Create a new rural coop – the WE Network – in Dona Ana County to implement and coordinate the elements below, with a low threshold for membership, and use as a pilot program to be replicated across the state. Use a cohort structure to aid in delivery of services and provide support. Key elements of coop are access to customers; bilingual incubator for business support; mentorship network; child care; transportation.